How to check if a website is down 2022

No one likes to see an error message when visiting a website or checking their own website. But before you hit the alarm button, you need to determine if it's just working for you or not for everyone, such as installation issues. The reason it doesn't work for everyone could be the hosting provider's problem, database and/or software issues, DNS issues, or DDoS or other hacker-based attacks.

User can't access your website: Visitors may have contacted your customer support center or written on your social media that they're having a hard time accessing your website. You can use our resourceful tool to quickly check if the web server is available externally and get an active answer before reaching the IT department. If the website doesn't work for everyone, you can support it and take steps to make it work again. If it's just on the user's side, you can provide some tips (example: clear cache) so they can access the website.

The website you want to visit cannot be accessed: You enter the URL of the website you want to visit and surprise! You receive an error message that the website is not working. Our tool determines whether it's a problem with your side, such as the connection, or an external issue that is not in your control.

How to check if a website is down

This tools monitor the status of your website and check if it is working. Once you enter the URL, a real-time status test is run on the field.

Once you're sure your website isn't really working, get in touch with your web hosting company to get a status update on what it is and how long it will take for downtime to resolve. It can also be appropriate for you to update your social media accounts so that your customers are aware that there are technical difficulties and that you are working diligently and diligently to solve them.

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