How to fix high ping in valorant 2022

Riot Games FPS game Valorant, high ping problems and FPS problems are a few of the very common problems. In this article, we focus on solving this problem with our explanations on how to solve the Valorant high ping problem.

What is Ping?

The time it takes to transmit data received over any computer to the relevant server is called ping. When this time is high, the movements you make in online games come more lag and negatively affect your entire gaming experience. It can also be called lag in games.

What Causes Valorant Ping?

If there is a problem with your internet connection in any online game that requires internet, including Valorant game, you may encounter a high ping issue. This can be especially caused by factors such as your Wi-Fi settings and VPN settings.

How to Fix High Ping Problem in Valorant?

Before moving on to the Valorant ping problem, it is very important to investigate the source of this problem. Especially in an FPS game like Valorant, this problem has a much more important place. There can be multiple factors that can cause this problem. First of all, as the production team constantly says, the density of the servers is one of the main reasons for the Valorant high ping problem. Although this is of course not something we have, there are several solutions that we can do for our own network connection and computer. Now let's go through those solutions one by one.

How to Lower Valorant Ping?

  • Adjust Your Wireless Connection / Wi-Fi Settings
  • Close Internet-Consuming Apps in the Background
  • Turn Off VPN Apps
  • Make VALORANT.exe from Task Manager "High Priority"

Adjust Your Wireless Connection / Wi-Fi Settings 

The distance between your modem and your computer where you play Valorant may be affecting your connection speed and therefore your ping. The most efficient thing you can do here is connect your modem and computer with an Ethernet cable. This way, you can take full advantage of your modem's power and lower your high ping a bit. Likewise, improving modem setup and limiting the numbe

r of people connected to the modem will also have a positive effect on your ping problem.

Close Internet-Consuming Apps in the Background

Internet browsers, live streaming apps like Twitch, music apps like Spotify, or community apps like Discord where you can chat with audio/video are all applications that make high use of your internet. If you do not have a strong infrastructure, you may encounter high ping values when playing Valorant. Therefore, closing such applications will again help you reduce your high ping.

Close Your VPN Apps

VPN applications are widely used in our country as well as all over the world. However, sometimes the deficit is forgotten and can cause high ping problems in many games and Valorant. Since Valorant already has a Turkey server, playing using a VPN will raise your ping a lot. So shutting down your VPN apps can be an effective solution to this problem.

Make Valorant a High Priority from Task Manager

When you open the task manager, you can prioritize by right-clicking on the VALORANT.exe application by going to the "Details" section from the top tabs. At this point, when you make it "High Priority", your computer and network connection will give more importance to this application than others, causing a big drop in your ping.

If you follow the solutions listed above, you may see a decrease of at least 20% in your ping. However, as a much more permanent solution, we recommend that you upgrade your internet package and buy a new model modem. Especially if you bought VP and Valorant Battle Passes cheaply, you will have no taste in playing without taking care of these ping issues.

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