How to Clear Facebook Cache 2022

Every application used with an internet connection leaves residues even if it remains in the background over time. These residues cause the device to slow down over time and reduce the quality of the application speed.

Computer users do not encounter this problem very often. However, Android and iOS users are faced with this problem. In Facebook applications, the problem of cache entanglement is encountered very often. Clearing the cache can get rid of this problem.

How to clear Facebook cache?

For this, it is necessary to first open the Facebook application from the settings or applications section of Android or iOS devices. The issue to be considered here is that the Facebook application itself does not open. It is the selection of the Facebook cursor from the Settings and applications section. Clicking on this cursor will open the page related to Facebook. The settings section will appear by going to the others section on this page.

Clicking on the settings section will open a different page and the account settings on the pop-up screen must be clicked on the opened page.

After clicking on the account settings, the browser option will appear. By clicking on the browser option, the Clear data from the opened page section will be activated. Clicking on the Clear data section will clean the leftovers in the cache caused by Facebook applications.

After this process is over, the slowdown of Android and iOS devices caused by Facebook will be eliminated and the devices will be accelerated. Over time, the same problems may reappear. When this process is performed on each issue, the cache of the device will be completely cleared.

Thus, we have carried out the Facebook cache cleaning process.

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